Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Picking violets to make jelly

I'm not yet sure how the jelly will taste, but gathering up our two tightly packed cups of violets was fun work. I realized I hadn't taken time to see them until yesterday.

My baby girl started out in her Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, but she's more of a hands on little one and quickly got tired of being carried. She sat within arms reach and picked grass while I picked more violets. I had my two cups and was ready to head inside, until I remembered to pack them tightly. Little M was getting restless, but I only had one cup after pressing them down.

We went in anyway, and steeped one cup of flowers with one cup of water. They needed to sit for twenty-four hours before being strained,so I figured I'd just combine the first strained batch with the next when it's soaking time ends.

My son got home from school before I got around to gathering the rest of our flowers. He eagerly joined in.

All the violets we needed.

I boiled my water and poured it into my jar of flowers... then, we wait.

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