Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm a dirty hippy half-assed housewife!

I'm the less productive half of our little backyard homestead, there's always something "I MEANT TO" do. Gardening is one of my passions, and fortunately as you can see, my husband is pretty into it too... or the tomato and pepper plants we've posted in our photos would probably be shriveled up dead by now. I easily get caught up in the excitement, the dreams of our perfect garden plots. I buy seeds like a mad woman,

seed catalogs filled with colorful plants help me get through the winter. I can't wait to start! Remembering to turn on the grow lights and water the plants over the long haul is where I have some trouble. Any plant that lives long enough to make it outside (thanks dirty hippy hubby), will do well. I actually LIKE pulling weeds, digging in the dirt, and everything else associated with gardening.

I enjoy cooking, which I'll admit I did very little of before getting married, and doing as much from scratch as possible now. The less processed the better in my humble opinion, with the exception of a delicious sandwich cookie dipped in milk that I'd never give up. It's taken me some time to really have fun with food and preparing it. Following recipes perfectly, and measuring everything down to the grain, is what I thought being a good cook was all about. I stressed myself out over the whole process, and usually wasn't thrilled with the results. It took a patient man who just tosses things in, and somehow turns out delicious meals, to make me realize I just needed to relax a little.

I love homemade bread fresh out of the oven, the smell of it baking is incredible. Does my bread look like the pics from a magazine? No way, but it beats store-bought mass-produced bread any day, even if it isn't perfect!

It makes me happy when my husband and son walk in the door to wonderful smells from the oven or stovetop. When the house is clean"ish" and the laundry at least made it into the washer, it's a productive day for me. Of course, I have a very demanding baby girl at home, so it's often a challenge...and where the half-assed side of me comes into the picture. I'd rather be a half-assed housewife, and a kickass mama in my little girl's eyes.

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  1. I read this post and sat here nodding in recognition. I used not to cook if I didn't have a recipe or exactly the correct ingredients. I once forwent a spaghetti bolognaise (which, let's face it is pretty easy) because I had a red pepper and not a green pepper. My wife has knocked that out of me, and I'm far more comfortable in the kitchen.

    And the seeds and gardening also struck a chord. Claire (my wife) is busy planting cucumbers, courgettes (zuchinni to you probably), beans and radishes like it has gone out of fashion. I mostly dig.