Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grape trellis & homestead update

Got to work on the grape trellis after a break in the rain.
Bought two 4x4x8 posts, a bag of quickcrete and a roll of chain link fence tension wire from Lowe's. Then it was time to dig. I dug the first hole and didn't hit a single rock.

My thought was, this will never happen again. Digging the second hole I only hit one small rock. These were by far the two easiest post holes I have ever dug.

I remember when I was 16 working on a ranch in Montana for the summer you couldnt even take one scoop with a shovel before hitting solid rock.

Anyway the holes got dug and then I mixed the bag of cement (with water from the new rain barrel) and got the posts set.
Day 2 of the project didn't go as smooth. I got the holes filled in the rest of the way with the dirt and got the first wire attached using wire staples and then the rain started again. Hopefully this Friday I will get the rest of the wire up.

The gardens are doing very good. Me and my son put up two trellises for the peas to grow up.

We made a trip to a small greenhouse to buy some brussel sprouts,cabbage, dill, basil, chocolate mint & marigolds.

We also built a small shelter for out tomato plants that we started inside (way too early) to harden off. This seems to be working good, protecting it from the sun which hasn't been out much, but when it has been it's been really hot.

The garden behind the shed I "tilled" with a shovel. This is the first year not using a rototiller, our soil is starting to get really nice with the compost, wood ash, leaves, straw & rabbit manure we've been adding over the past couple years.

Peas and cucumbers got planted along the fence. Spaghetti squash, butternut squash & brussel sprouts are planted in the rest of the garden.

Over at the neighbors we got four 4' rows of yellow & green beans planted and still have space for a couple plants.

Plans for the rest of the week:
Finish the grape trellis
Plant tomatoes (if ready Sunday)
Add some raspberry plants to the berry patch