Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rabbit/homestead update

The eight kits are doing well. We've taken out the nest box. It's really amazing how fast they grow. The temperature has been perfect the past week, in the low 80's during the day and high 50's at night. It makes it nice not having to keep taking frozen bottles out for them.
Here they are at a month old:

We made some tomato stakes out of some old lumber my dad gave us, and got the tomato plants staked up finally. Our garden so far is mostly bug free. I pick any bean beetles off of the bean plants in the morning and at night, so far four has been the most I've picked at one time.

We got the woodpile area of the yard cleaned up, and ready to start cutting and storing wood, until we get enough to have a splitting party.

Last year we cut wood, and got some from a tree trimming company, and stacked it until we had enough wood for the winter. We had some friends come with their log splitter and spent all day splitting, and the night drinking homebrew.

Last years wood pile:

We finally got the corn planted in the garden our neighbor is letting us use. It should be ready to pick in the middle of September. Planted more greenbeans, black beans and cow peas there also.


  1. You've been very busy on the homestead. We're thinking about raising rabbits. Bel keeps saying she wants to do it. What kind of entry level cost are we looking at to raise 10 or 20 rabbits for meat?

  2. Jody,
    We currently have one buck & one doe. We bought them from a farmer for $30.00. All of our supplies for the two rabbits cost us around $180 at Tractor Supply Co: (2)framing kits, (2) cages, (2) drop pans, (2) resting platforms, (2) water bottles, (2) feeders, (1) nest box.

    We are turning an old dog crate into a third cage to keep our weened kits it until they're big enough to butcher.

    When we add more rabbits I will most likely build the cages. Or watch craigslist for a good deal. In our area there is lots of rabbit supplies on craigslist.