Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Camping, Hiking, Rabbits & Garden Update

We pitched the tent in the backyard Friday afternoon, after a morning of cleaning up tree branches that came down in a thunderstorm Thursday night. Then it was off to the sons baseball game. As soon as we arrived at the field it started getting dark out, and before the game could be started it started thundering, yet another game postponed due to rain. As soon as we got back home it got nice out so we built a fire, had a little cookout, and then another thunderstorm rolled in. We decided to spend the night inside. Saturday was better. We picked up our 1/4 of beef from the butcher shop, got some free wood on the way home, and got to sleep outside. We cooked our breakfast on the grill Sunday morning.

And then went on a fantastic hike on the Mason Dixon trail. It was our first time on this section of the trail, and it was my favorite so far.

Our doe had her second litter this past Saturday. We were camping out in the back yard and got to hear her having them in the shed. At first I thought it was a cat making the noise, then I remembered that it was day 31 and that's when she had her litter last time. This was her second and last chance. Her first litter she had eaten two out of four, and the other two had died. This time she had nine and so far, knock on wood, they're all alive.

Saturday & Sunday were warm, but now we're in a heat wave. Monday was 94, today and tomorrow will be in the 90's, then it cools off finally on Thursday.

It's been hard keeping the cages cool. We had soda bottles that we filled with water and put in the cages. One right next to the nest box, one for the doe to lay against, and one in the bucks cage. They only last about 3 hours before they need to be replaced with frozen ones. We have the side & garage door propped open during the day, but around three o'clock the sun is on the side, so we have to close the side door until five. The fan is on high and the water bowels are constantly filled.

The gardens are doing good. We've been eating lettuce, broccoli, and some collard greens, but I'm really looking forward to the tomatoes. Have some more pepper plants to put in this week, and need to plant some more spaghetti squash seeds since none came up.

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  1. oh they are sooooo dear! you'll have to let me know when they get bigger, the jelly bean and i would love to come visit. i haven't seen you in so long!