Thursday, April 26, 2012


Finally found a shed and was the first to respond to the ad on craigs list. The first step was cleaning up the area behind my shed to make room for the new "old" shed. We got some cinder blocks from my dads house and made a fire bit to burn up the old rotten lumber I had stored behind the shed.
Then I set those blocks to make a foundation for the new shed to sit on.
Me and a neighbor went to where the shed was, and took off the end walls and the roof so we could get it to fit on his trailer. And hauled it home.
Next step was to move the floor and walls into position. This was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. Me and my son used some steel pipe borrowed from a neighbor to put under the skids and a couple boards to make a ramp up onto the leveled out spot.
Here it is sitting in its new home.
I need to patch a couple spots and get the walls & trusses back on. Then I got some galvanized steel at my dads house that we are going to use for a new roof.

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