Monday, August 29, 2011

What we did during Irene

We prepared for the rain we were supposed to get Friday by cleaning up the basement. We got everything up off the floor in case any water came in.

We picked all the ripe tomatoes from the garden and dug up the potatoes.
Also made a trip to the homebrew store and got ingredients for a "Dunkel" beer.

Saturday the rain started, and rained all day into Sunday. We made zucchini bread in the morning, and spent the afternoon making tomatoe sauce. We made 10 quarts again and got it all canned.
Sunday morning we checked the basement and it was dry. Outside some tree branches came down and some of our corn was blown over. The worst damage to the garden was the tomatillo plant, it snapped off at the base of the plant. It rained about 5 inches and if the basement wouldn't have been clean I'm sure some water would have come in. The rest of the day Sunday was spent brewing & wine making.
We picked dandelions this spring and froze them to use later. We had enough frozen to make a gallon of wine. We also had 2 gallons of grape juice that we used to make 2 gallons of grape wine.

For supper we used the spent grains from the beer to make bread sticks, cheesy bread sticks and the pizza crust. Everything turned out awesome, and there were no leftovers.
Cant wait to use some more of the spent grains this week.

Hope everyone is safe after the hurricane. We were supposed to have some flooding & high winds. Overall it wasn't too bad for us. We made out better than alot of people did.


  1. Wow, you've been busy. I would really love to try your wine. Where did you get the grapes? I'd love to try my hand at grape wine.

  2. Jody, we used grape juice this time, trying to find some grapes to make some more