Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We had bunnies

Thursday morning was exciting, Our doe had her first litter of kits Wednesday night. She made her nest outside of the nest box, but she did have them in the box.

There were three that I could see moving and one that was dead. I took the dead one out and moved some of her fur into the box. When I checked on them Thursday night there was another dead one, and the doe had started to eat another one of the kits. I took the dead one out and finished off the injured one. Now we were down to one left, and I knew it was probably going to end up like the rest. Unfortunately I was right, she had eaten it sometime Thursday night. She has one more chance or it's rabbit stew for her. Going to breed her again after Easter.

Friday was a productive day, got the pine trees trimmed to allow more sunlight onto the raspberry patch & garden.

Times like this I wish I had a little chainsaw, my Husky is too big for me to use up in the tree.

We had an extra trash can that we didn't need, so we decided to make another rain barrel. I got the new rain barrel made and hooked up,and after the rain Friday night it's already full.

Since there were no kits to worry about disturbing, we decided to go ahead and move the rabbit cages over to their new location. Now when their cages need to be cleaned I just have to open the side door, no more carrying the trays through the shed. It will also give them a breeze in the summertime if we open the door they're in front of now, and the window across from them.


  1. oh no!! why did she eat them???

  2. Im not sure. Could have been because it was her first litter, or maybe the noisy dogs next door. She has one more chance.